Great town, great name.


It's okay, you can giggle! We know our name gets us lots of attention, but we're proud that who we are keeps folks coming back again and again. So how did we get our name? There are a few theories.

First, our town used to sit at the edge of a race course, right where visitors would enter the racing festivities. The entrance was coined "Entercourse" and may have evolved into Intercourse. Or, the name may have come from the Intersection of two major roads, or courses. The Old Kings Highway which traveled from Pittsburg to Philadelphia and the route from Wilmington, Delaware to Erie, Pennsylvania. One final theory suggests the town was named after a phrase commonly used at the time of the town's founding. In early English, Intercourse was used to refer to fellowship and social interaction shared in a community of faith, a description still relevant to our town today.

Whichever theory holds true, we're happy with our name. It's the perfect conversation starter!